Under Armour Uses Printed Bioceramic Material To Promote Sleep And Recovery

Under Armour has a new line of products out that uses some pretty cool technology to enhance athletic recovery. The sleepwear uses special infrared printed designs with infused bioceramic material  that is designed to collect your body’s heat and reflect it back into those sore muscles, promoting healing in the process.

Image Copyright Under Armour (sourced from promotional video)

The energy reflected is in the far Infrared spectrum, which is supposed to be ideal for recovery as well as promoting better sleep and regulating cell metabolism. Not only that, but they are said to be insanely soft and stretchable, ensuring that you are relaxed and comfy as you head off to sleepy town.

It’s great to see that technology and materials science is coming together in such a way that can be beneficial to us without requiring a charge or an update. By using it now to help us recover and sleep is certainly a well deserving application, at least in my opinion. In fact, I look forward to see where the continued integration of the two leads our everyday lives, and I’m sure George Jetson has something very similar to this.

Under Armour Recovery Sleepwear can be found at retailers nationwide, and on the Under Armour website.

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