Lamp Boosts Productivity By Keeping Phone Hostage

We all love our smart devices, but sometimes they can be just a bit of a distraction. Sure, they give  us unlimited information and entertainment (as long as you pay your data bill), but our smartphones will sometimes cry out for attention as we get that next notification or email, and it creates a habit of constantly tending to the device. But how can we break this viscous cycle? Klemens Schillinger has an idea, and they have made a lamp that holds your phone hostage until you no longer need the light.

photo credit: Klemens Schillinger

The smartphone capturing lamp works by you putting your device in a drawer and shutting it. As long as you have the device in the drawer, the lamp shines. I’m not sure exactly what this says about the relationship between you and your phone, but the website product description gets a little philosophical about the whole process:

The drawer is like a magical chest that requests a small object like a smartphone that can be put inside. Once the smartphone is locked inside the drawer, the light turns on. When you give something, you get something in return.

Of course, I’m just wondering as to what kind of other object I can stick in there to make the light shine without giving up my faithful (as long as the bill is paid) servant. Maybe a deck of cards or pocket change will do the trick. And if nothing else works, I’m okay – after all, my phone has a light on it.