A2B Electric Bike by Ultra Motor

With today's gas prices, the availability of electric bikes is certainly growing in turn.  Recently we have looked at more eclectic electric bikes, but the new A2B Electric Bike by Ultra Motor leans to the practical side.

The A2B looks more purpose driven than other designs, and has a boxy look that borrows a rugged mountain bike suspension.  A rear storage area gives you place for your gear, and pedals are there to augment the cruising speed or completely power the bike in case of exceeding the maximum battery range, but otherwise they serve as handy foot rests.

The bike has a 20 mile range on a charge, and the bike can go up to 20 miles per hour.  For extended travel distances a spare battery can be carried and easily swapped out, but we would suggest checking into the battery upgrade which gives you a quite practical cruising range of 40 miles. To charge the bike you simply plug it into an available stand AC outlet.

The A2B Electric Bike by Ultra Motor is not priced yet, but it should be available nationwide around September.   For more information go the Ultra Motor Website.

I like the utilitarian look of the A2B, and being able to charge from any available electric outlet is a big bonus.  The 20 mile range on a set of batteries is okay for close errands, but the 40 mile upgrade would be nicer. Of course, practical bike ownership is going to be dependent on the price, and at this point we do not have that information.