Aiptek Introduces Small Portable Projector

AiptekPocketCinema_060608 The race for the portable personal projector is apparently on, and Aiptek has a strong entry in the race.  The Pocket Cinema V10 uses 3M technology to project a 50" image.

The projector features 1gb of internal memory and a SD card slot. The mini projector supports JPEG ASF, AVI and MPEG-4 formats. The unit has built in stereo speakers and a rechargeable battery.

The Pocket Cinema V10 joins the Earth Trek 90-850R, Honlai Technology MP100, and the Micro Projector as the personal projector market starts to be developed. 

Personally I think that the mini projector is a great gadget, and I love the ideal of being able to throw a movie on a memory card and taking it with you on a trip, camping, etc. Coming up next perhaps – portable self-popping popcorn.


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