Star Wars Battlefront Mod Makes for Impressive Graphics



Star Wars Battlefront has been released, and to say that it is a gorgeous game is probably an understatement. But when you see what the Toddyhancer mod, created by Martin Bergman, can do to the game, well, I think we are probably looking at the future of gaming.

It probably goes without saying that Bergman modified the PC version, since it is more accessible than the console version. And at the time of this post I couldn’t find the specs of the PC that the mod was running on, but Bergman claims that he can still get 20 – 30 frames per second while running it.

What do you think? Does the game give the original Star Wars a run for the money when it comes to the visuals? If not, it definitely has it beat when it comes to the special effects. And these are running in real time. Impressive.


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