Antro Solo Car Uses Alternative Energy – Solar and Your Passengers


The Antro Solo is a gas and electric hybrid vehicle that looks very sleek and modern, yet mixes old and new technology.

The green vehicle boasts an impressive 150 mpg, and it can reach speeds in excess of 80 mph.  This is thanks to its low 600 pound (carbon fiber chassis) weight and its alternative energy source.  The roof has an array of solar panels to charge batteries, lessening its reliance on the gas power source.

Antro-Solo3_062508But the solar cells are not he only alternative power the Antro Solo employs. The three seater vehicle also has pedals for both passengers, and they can pedal as you drive, generating power that makes the vehicle more efficient. The driver sits in the middle, with a passenger to each side.  The Antro Solo is one vehicle that makes picking up a passenger actually more fuel efficient.

I can hear it now – "I'll drive, you pedal".

The vehicle is a prototype now, but the Budapest, Hungary developers hope to have it on the road in 2012.  The price – $18,000.


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