Apple iPhone Getting Push Email with 2.0 Update?

The iPhone has  been very innovative in many aspects of cell phone usage and expectations, but now a piece of rather commonplace technology that was missing from the device is set to be added.

That missing technology, Push Email,  has allowed Blackberry to move into prominence as the businessperson's choice of product.  Now, with iPhone update 2.0, Apple's cell phone darling may be getting the same capability.  This could allow Apple to compete directly with Blackberry for the connected masses. As the photo from the 2.0 update shows, the "Fetch New Data" has "Push" (which is the selected choice as shown). Now finally I can carry the iPhone on the Beach and still know the second an email comes in instead of waiting a few minutes for the scheduled check.  On second thought, I think I'll set it to manual fetch.

Aloha from the Beach



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