Volkswagon 200 mpg 1L Car Slated for 2010 Market

A gallon of gas is not what it used to be, and at places such as the Beach it is worthwhile to conserve as much as possible for the daily activities.  VW may win the crown in this department if it does release their 1L concept car as planned in 2010. The name, 1L, is very intriguing in what it stands for – 1 Liter for 100 km.  In American that is roughly an amazing 230 Miles per gallon.  Saying that the car is small is probably an understatement as far as cars go, and the sporty little bug is rather unique in that it has inline sitting, i.e. the passenger sits behind the driver, both in the middle of the vehicle.  It will be interesting to see what modifications it will have to go under in order to make it to market, but hopefully it will remain a 200+ mpg gas sipper.

The car will top out at about 75 mph, and, being so small, a crash test may not be the vehicle's best friend.  Still, for commuting and local errands this might be a great solution to s – t – r – e – t – c – h that $4 gallon of gas.

Aloha from the Beach



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