Booster Blades Lets You Step Up Your Inline Skating

Booster Blades could probably be described as a cross between inline skates and a bicycle, in that a pumping or stepping motion can make you go.  The skates incorporate a mechanism that allows you to raise your foot and press down, sending energy to the rear wheels.  The end result is that you get a boost in your skating ride.

Looking at the picture, it seems rather dangerous intimidating, but it may be one of these things that you have to experience yourself to see how they work.   Mechanically the skates utilize a spiral cam to turn a belt, which then turns a 33 tooth sprocket connected to an 11 tooth sprocket on the back axle. This gives a freewheeling rear wheel a 4-1 gear up.

 Sure, you can move, but how do you stop?  Braking is achieved by a brake block that engages the back tire when the boot plate is tilted backwards.  Braking can only be down when the mechanism is in the down position, so I guess you will have to finish the pump before you can stop.

 The blades can also be locked down to function as regular in-line skates, allowing normal use until you get the hang of the pump mechanism.  The lockdown is also handy in case you see yourself in a mirror and realize that this does not look as secure as you would normally like it to be – at least as far as skates go.



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