Robotic Clock is Entertaining Overkill but Fun

Nerd Beach has shown a great deal of unique clocks, but this is a rather curious one – it is a clock project that uses a robotic arm to set up number cards which then display the current time.

The Stonehenge Robotic Digital Clock (so named for the semi-circular arrangement of the numbers), by Steve Norris , uses a robotic arm to re-arrange a set of 14 cards.  The cards are made of a simple foam core but use embedded magnets to aid in positioning.


The arm is not the fastest means of keeping the time updated (taking almost 50 seconds to change the minute value in the video above).  As it is I assume that the software compensates for when more than one number needs to be updated for a time change (such as from 12:59 to 01:00 ).  But for aesthetic and entertainment purposes I really like the project, makes me want to build my own.   And that is probably a good indicator of an interesting project.



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