The Pacman Roomba


What do you get when you cross a Roomba with a Pacman? The Pacmba, of course.

The project consisted of mounting 448 yellow LEDs to a Roomba, and making a board to control them and play Pacman sounds when appropriate.

Actually, I think the sounds are a really cool part of the project. It plays the Pacman intro when it starts, and of course the dying Pacman sounds when the unit shuts off.

Check out the video for more details.



Go Earth Surfing With the Wii Balance Board


We have seen other cool mechanical gadgets that manage to interface to Google Earth before, but this is a more off the shelf solution.

By using a Wii Balance Board's Bluetooth connection and some interface software, you can use the Balance Board to act as a mouse.

Of course, you could use it to move the cursor around, but where is the fun in that? (Besides, you have no handy buttons to click, and re-mapping one of the four weight sensing domains to a mouse button would take away some of the functionality of the board.)

A better use of a Balance Board Mouse would be to go virtual surfing across the world, and with the mouse board and Google Earth you can do exactly that. Check out the video for the fun.


Moleskine iPod Touch Book


So, you have an iPod touch, but still miss the feel of a real Moleskine covered notebook?  With a little effort, patience,xacto knife, glue, and creativity you can have your electronic device and the book feel book too.

I personally am not sure of the merit of the project, since it only serves to make the device bigger to carry.  However, it could trigger the whole book reading mindset for some people, and if that works for you it would be very worthwhile.



Virtual Flying Using a Bike and Google Earth


Okay, here's how you do it. You take one (1) bike, one (1) Google Earth Flight simulator (built in to the Google Earth download), and a lot of creativity , along with a used bike, and presto you are riding a virtual magic carpet exercise bike.  The video shows the bike in action,  and it looks like a hoot. The pedals control the power, the handlebars serve as the steering (logical) and a couple extra levers serve as the rudder and elevator (apparently).  A SunSPOT, a 3d wireless controller that speaks java,  serves as the connection to the PC.  Put it all together and you have some fun.


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