Dubai Creates World Class Fountain


When you are Dubai, known for the world's largest building among other things, you have to keep up with the standard you set for yourself.  So, when the plans called for a fountain, you splurge. A lot, apparently.

The new fountains will propel water over 450 feet into the air, all while pumping 22,000 gallons of it.  The setup incorporates 6,600 lights and 50 projectors, creating water and light show that is not to be rivaled.  In fact, the projectors actually use the water spray as the backdrop (with 450 feet of liquid canvas I can see how this would work).

The cost for the water and light show?  A cool $281 million.  If you have your heart set on seeing what a quarter billion buys in terms of fancy fountains, you will have to wait until next year when it is finished.  Chances are it will be a very nice show.


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