DXG-567V is Inexpensive High Definition Point and Shoot Video Camera

DXG_567v High Def Point and Shoot camera The point and shoot video camera market continues to get entries, but the latest from DXG brings something new to the table.  The inexpensive DXG-567V video camera records in native High Definition (720p, at least) , so your video will look their best.

The camera records using h.264 video compression in a MOV format, and has a built in retractable USB cord.  Like other low cost cameras in this category there is not optical zoom, but the 567V does have 2x digital zoom (which is like having no zoom at all, to be honest).  The unit sports a 2 inch display, and handles SD cards.

The price ($179) puts the DXG-567V squarely in the point and shoot video market, and should give the other cameras some good HD competition.