Earth Trek 90-850R Mini Projector is Self Contained Mini-Theater


We have recently discussed a Mini Projector coming out recently, and just to whet the appetite we have another diminutive projector to talk about.  Earth Trek, a company based in Hong Kong, is releasing the 90-805R mini projector.

The specs on this unit look pretty good, with a SD card slot and a lithium battery that is supposed to give about 1-2 hours runtime. The projection capability is rated for 22 inches (diagonal), and it measures only 105x58x25mm.  The mini projector is not bad on weight either, coming in at 160g.

As with other small projectors coming out the 90-850R is also capable of playing MP4s that are stored on a memory card. Since it has a built in speaker you only need to carry the unit (with memory card inserted, of course) to have a mini-theater.