LandingZone Dock For Your MacBook Air


The Macbook Air is a very capable computer, and its diminutive thickness makes it a joy to use and easy to carry. But there are times that you may want to use it as a desktop replacement, since it is more than powerful enough to fulfill the task. But having more ports or another monitor just might make your desk time with your MacBook Air more enjoyable. This is where the LandingZone MacBook Air Dock comes in.

The LandingZone gives you 4 more USB ports, an ethernet port, a Displayport, a Kensington lock port (to make sure that your MacBook Air doesn't wander off on those few times you don't take it with you), and an integrated power supply. The LandingZone is a Kickstarter project, but if you pledge $159 before time runs out you should get yours around March 2012.

via redferret


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