Looping Infinity Squared Film Explains Popular Time Travel Mechanics

Time travel is a popular story mechanic that is used in a lot of modern (and classic) science fiction stories. In fact, one of my favorite authors, Keith Laumer,  practically made a career out of it (Dinosaur Beach, Other Side of Time). But did you ever stop and consider how many different time travel mechanics are in use in popular stories?

Infinity Squared


Jake Roper of Vsauce3 has certainly considered these, and has even created a video that breaks it all down for the curious armchair time traveler. The resulting short film, Infinity Squared, is an entertaining look at time travel. Well, I should probably reconsider the phrase “short film” here, since the video was created in a 10 hour looping video format. Now that should help to illustrate the point.







The earliest recorded idea of infinity comes from Anaximander, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher who lived in Miletus. He used the word apeiron which means infinite or limitless.


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