Microsoft Pitches Advertising Network On Your Zune

Microsoft Pitches Advertising Network On Your Zune

zune Coming soon to a Zune near you – ads.

Yes, Microsoft is pitching its plans for an advertising network built into its Zune players. While the hip demo shown involved Doritos and music (naturally), I really think that this is not a good thing. 

That is, unless they give you the music player for free or at a discount price, in which case  I am cheap enough to at least entertain the ideal. This is not a new ideal –  there are cell phones now with built in advertising networks, but you do not pay a premium for the device. 

But if I have to buy the player at full price, I do not want to wait for the spam video to download nor do I want a portion of space no doubt reserved for their ad network storage (subject to grow with each ROM update).  After all, these are supposed to be personal media players.  

You ever get the feeling that Microsoft needs to fire more accountants and hire more actual users?

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