OpenFrame makes the home phone fun again

The veritable home phone, once a staple of home life, is on shaky legs these days.  Massive amounts of the "Land Lines" are being ditched in favor of their more mobile counterparts, and in comparison the home phone is just boring. 

But OpenPeak may be able to spice things up in the home phone department with their OpenFrame platform, which brings the land line into modern times.  Looking more like an iPhone than an appliance, the tablet brings a core set of applications including a calendar, weather, local news, and even Internet radio.

What's more, OpenPeak is strongly encouraging third part support, which may lead to a wide variety of applications running on the versatile platform.  From the information provided it seems that movies and photos are just the starting point, and no doubt additional services could be around the corner.

Since it is designed to replace the home phone, I hope it is quite durable –  a hard drive is not going to survive what my home phone goes through, even when I am being careful.   But it does look good, and no doubt something is going to have to replace the home phone at some point in order to stay competitive.  But to be honest, I always figured it would have been the videophone, not an information tablet.  And it still may be.