Retro Nixie Tube Clock with High Tech GPS Time Setting



We have discussed those cool retro nixie tube clocks on Nerd Beach before, but here is one with a high tech twist.  The nixie tube clock kit incorporates a GPS reciever to keep its time correct.  Yes, that is right, a retro nixie tube (IN-14 tubes, to be exact) clock that uses satellites in space to send out a signal in order to keep the time correct.  I gotta tell you, I love the mix of the retro and tech in this project.  


If you are the project kind and really want to put this one together, you can find it at Etsy.   It will set you back about $400 (tubes are not cheap, and it is a limited run kind of thing), but it is a unique project.

(As far as the retro being mixed with high tech, I predict that this type of thing will continue into the future. We will find a strong retro movement, with people foregoing touch screens for the physical feedback. For example,  we will have really super smart toggle switches that can select any place in the universe with only a couple of hardy tactile friendly flips.  At least that is how it works on the bridge of the original Enterprise…  Yes, I am joking for the most part, but I can almost see it happening to some degree.)




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