sQuba, the Electric Car that Also Goes Underwater

I am driving on the sand in my latest find from the Beach when I notice something out in the water.  Taking a deep breath, I turn the car towards the surf and press the pedal down.    The car hits the water and keeps going, down into the water until we are completely submerged.  With a quick look around I find that the shiny object was only a rock, so I turn the car and head back to the Beach.  Soon the car emerges back onto the sand.  I breathe deep, enjoying the fresh salty air, then continue on down the surf line, looking for interesting things to wash up.  Now this is one handy car, I think to myself as I spy something off in the distance.

Rinspeed has developed a Zero Emmission Electric car that, unlike most cars, loves the water.  The sQuba can go into water at depths up to 33 ft (1 atmosphere I believe), and it can go up to 75 mph when it crawls back onto land.  James Bond AND Ecologists would so love this car, a combination that seems to happen rarely.  Weighing in at 920 kg the vehicle actually floats until you open a door, then you can grab the integrated scuba mask and keep motoring.  If that was not enough sQuba even incorporates a laser sensor system that allows the vehicle to more or les drive itself in certain situations. Now this little vehicle is the perfect accessory for the Beach.

Update: We now have the video below on this amazing vehicle


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