Teminator 4 – Terminator Salvation Trailer Released

The Terminator 4 Official Teaser Trailer has been released, and although it does not show a lot, the overall mood of the latest entry in the ongoing series certainly seems to be well crafted. 


I am a fan of Christian Bale (not just in the excellent Batman Begins but also the deeply disturbing and hunger-inspiring The Machinist), so I am quite pleased to see him as the grown up "John Conner".  Hopefully the movie takes on a psychological edge instead of just a blaster flick (but there is nothing wrong with blaster flicks, just for the record). 

The appearance of Arnold is doubtful at this point, but I can see how the movie can still work quite well without him if the movie does shift into a thoughtful approach. Otherwise having anyone else as our favorite terminator simply falls short.  And that is strictly my opinion.

Terminator Salvation is reported to be directed by visual stylist McG and is slated for a May 22nd, 2009 release.



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