The Experience Recorder is much handier than a camcorder

The Experience recorder, a high tech glove that can record your day's experience, may help you with sharing your own personal experiences.  In automatic mode the glove can grab all of the sounds, your touch experiences, and snap pictures that it thinks might be of interest to you later.


Of course, you an use the glove as a recorder for your own uses, which makes for a handy digital recorder.  On manual the glove is simple to use – just hold the glove up to your face, and it will do different functions depending on finger positions.  For example, make a gesture of a peephole and it will record video.   This would be great for any parent out there, and you just know the glove would be great for a lot of outdoor activities.

But imagine what it could do when coupled with Social Networking, which is becoming intertwined with practically all aspects of our normal lives. While I personally avoid public sharing of my personal life, there are lots of people who could put this to use immediately.  And just when you thought Twitter told too much.




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