USB Scrolling Display Allows for Self Expression

USB Scrolling Display Allows for Self Expression

Get the message out with this scrolling LED display, designed to hook up to a USB port for message entry.  The red display supports  8 messages with three brightness settings.  You can also 5 scrolling modes to choose from, including Left, Right, Up, Down, Freeze, and Flash.  The USB gadget even does sound effects and bitmap images.

Of course, the question comes to mind as to what kind of messages to display on its scrolling display, so as a service we present a list of messages to get you started.

  • SOS/Help Me
  • Send Pizza
  • Nobody Home
  • Serving number (insert number choice here)
  • I See Dumb People
  • This Message Will Self Destruct in 10 Seconds
  • As a matter of Fact I am a Genius/nerd/the boss/master
  • Do Not Disturb
  • School is now in session
  • Don't you just hate having to read long scrolling displays? (put this on slow scroll speed

(I know there are better messages, so I invite anyone to comment here with their own clever sayings). 

The device is compatible with XP/2000/Vista, and measures 85 x 8.3 x 55mm. The Scrolling USB LED Display will set you back $27, and you can get it from USB Geek.