Use Your Phone As A Remote With Klikr

These days practically everyone that has something with a remote also has a smart phone or other device. But isn’t it a shame that you can’t just use the phone to control it without hunting down the remote? Well, with Klikr’s help that is a real possibility.

Image by Klikr

The Klikr Universal Remote Control is a small device that you attach to the device you want to control, which then allows control via a downloadable app. The smart app allows for several unique improvements over the remote, such as voice control and automatically muting the device when you have a call coming in on the controlling phone.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, since the app will allow you to control multiple devices at the same time. This means that it will replace all of your remotes, not just the one. Of course you will need a Klikr module for each device you want to control, but at $19.99 for each unit it is still much cheaper than a typical third party smart remote.

Now let’s just hope that your smart phone or tablet doesn’t get lost in the cushions as well.

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