Wireless Water Proof Submersible Speaker is at Home in the Pool


Summertime, the time for water and music.  Unfortunately, mixing these two critical elements of sun frolicking sometimes ends up in disaster.  But now there is a solution that makes it downright fun.

The Weatherproof Submersible Speaker features a ball shaped speaker that is at home in the water, certified International Weather Proofing Standards (Level 1PX7), for submersion up to nine feet deep for 30 minutes. This means you can take the speaker in the water with you, even under the water and pass it around.  Your music source sits safely on the transmitter up to 150 ft away, and with a single transmitter you can have up to 10 submersible speakers. The speakers will last up to 6 hours on 6 AA batteries, and each unit also features 4 flashing LEDs to help find them during night time dips.

The Weatherproof Submersible Speaker with transmitter  is available from Neiman Marcus for $149.99. Additional speakers are $99.99, but you must have at least one transmitter to make them work.  Not bad for a new fun way to safely mix water and music this summer.



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