The Yamaha NIKEN Is Not Your Typical Three-Wheeler

Three-wheeled motorcycles are not exactly a new concept, and trikes even have a large following. But Yamaha is bringing out a new three-wheeled motorcycle unlike any that I have seen before. That head-turning new cycle is called the Yamaha NIKEN.


Yamaha NIKEN
Image Yamaha


The NIKEN utilizes Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) technology to smooth out your ride as you zoom along the planet over its variety of surfaces and textures.  The LMW technology is also designed to help with cornering by keeping the bike stable in those hard turns.

The multi-wheeled bike is powered like a standard motorcycle, and it employs a liquid cooled 4-stroke DOHC four-valve engine.  The extra mass up front will no doubt take more power to push through the wind, but unlike other three-wheelers, the upfront mechanics appear to be more lightweight by design that a typical full faring setup. But it still manages to employ 15″ tires and an inverted high-performance front end suspension.



One thing is certain, and that is the NIKEN looks great just sitting on the pavement, ready to ride. I wouldn’t mind taking it for a test drive myself, although I might need to try a few times just to get used to that new and interesting mechanical setup. But yes, it does look good.


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