50’s Futuristic Air Conditioned Lawn Mower

Back in Oct. 14, 1957, they demonstrated the future of lawn mowing equipment with a beautiful bubbled model that sported its own air conditioning. The lucky driver is enclosed in comfort in a clear five foot sphere, and the device even had its own electrical generator powering¬†the important life necessities, such a radio telephone and a chilled drink dispenser. And…

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Sleep Better With A Sleep Peanut

Sen.se Peanut and App

Sen.se is a company that has been producing various “peanut” devices for different functions, including such things as home temperature monitoring, medication reminders, and anti-theft devices. Their latest peanut, unveiled at CES 2017, is a peanut designed for better sleep. The device attaches to the top of the mattress and pairs with a readily available smartphone via Bluetooth. The peanut…

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