DIY Ice Rink To Spice Up The Season

Well, tis the season, or at least getting really close to it, so why not a DIY ice rink?  While it might not be the most popular DIY project, I bet it would be fun. And according to the company, it can be assembled in 60 minutes, without tools.

DIY Ice Rink

Outside of the kit, the one thing you will need is a large flat area. I should probably emphasize the fact that it needs to be flat, otherwise you will have half a rink. But the kit is supposed to be location friendly, with no spikes or stakes required to put it together or hold it down. The DIY ice rink uses clips and a strap tension system to hold everything together,  so if you can build with Lego and put on a belt you should be good to go. Of course the water, once it freezes to ice, helps to keep things rigid as well by pushing against the wells and keeping the tension straps tight.

Well, I may have left something out above. You will also need some cold weather to make it work. So people from Florida and California may find that the product has a limited functional application for you. Except, of course, if you have a very large freezer with a large flat surface. If so, this could be perfect for that DIY ice rink you have always dreamed about.

Now, if you want to do it right you may also need some ice skates and a real coffee machine,  a quality one with the eagle on it and valves. After all, if you have your own custom ice rink then you sure can’t skimp on the toasty beverages to keep everyone warm. While you are at it, I would suggest getting some hockey sticks, padding, hockey pucks, and a couple hockey nets. Oh man, this is going to be fun. But the campfire off to the side with the roasting chestnuts and marshmallows on a stick is purely optional, honestly. And if things get really crazy, we even have instructions on how to make your own ice sword.

The DIY Ice Rink comes in a 20′ by 40′ size, and you can buy that from Amazon. There is also a kid-sized 15′ by 30′, and a huge NHL size available on the website itself.

You can find out more about the DIY Ice Rink from the EZ Ice Website.

Lamp Boosts Productivity By Keeping Phone Hostage

We all love our smart devices, but sometimes they can be just a bit of a distraction. Sure, they give  us unlimited information and entertainment (as long as you pay your data bill), but our smartphones will sometimes cry out for attention as we get that next notification or email, and it creates a habit of constantly tending to the device. But how can we break this viscous cycle? Klemens Schillinger has an idea, and they have made a lamp that holds your phone hostage until you no longer need the light.

photo credit: Klemens Schillinger

The smartphone capturing lamp works by you putting your device in a drawer and shutting it. As long as you have the device in the drawer, the lamp shines. I’m not sure exactly what this says about the relationship between you and your phone, but the website product description gets a little philosophical about the whole process:

The drawer is like a magical chest that requests a small object like a smartphone that can be put inside. Once the smartphone is locked inside the drawer, the light turns on. When you give something, you get something in return.

Of course, I’m just wondering as to what kind of other object I can stick in there to make the light shine without giving up my faithful (as long as the bill is paid) servant. Maybe a deck of cards or pocket change will do the trick. And if nothing else works, I’m okay – after all, my phone has a light on it.

Use Your Phone As A Remote With Klikr

These days practically everyone that has something with a remote also has a smart phone or other device. But isn’t it a shame that you can’t just use the phone to control it without hunting down the remote? Well, with Klikr’s help that is a real possibility.

Image by Klikr

The Klikr Universal Remote Control is a small device that you attach to the device you want to control, which then allows control via a downloadable app. The smart app allows for several unique improvements over the remote, such as voice control and automatically muting the device when you have a call coming in on the controlling phone.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, since the app will allow you to control multiple devices at the same time. This means that it will replace all of your remotes, not just the one. Of course you will need a Klikr module for each device you want to control, but at $19.99 for each unit it is still much cheaper than a typical third party smart remote.

Now let’s just hope that your smart phone or tablet doesn’t get lost in the cushions as well.

50’s Futuristic Air Conditioned Lawn Mower

Back in Oct. 14, 1957, they demonstrated the future of lawn mowing equipment with a beautiful bubbled model that sported its own air conditioning. The lucky driver is enclosed in comfort in a clear five foot sphere, and the device even had its own electrical generator powering the important life necessities, such a radio telephone and a chilled drink dispenser.

And if you tired of mowing the lawn in comfort, you could also use it for other gardening purposes as well as a completely radical golf cart. Just think – with the complete enclosure there would be no stray balls to worry about.

I just have one question – why don’t we have this today?

RokBlok Portable Record Player Drives Around The Record

Most people know how a classic vinyl record player works – you place the record on a turntable, which turns the record around at the proper speed. Then a needle is placed on the turning record, which travels the vibrations encoded in the record groove and transforms those into sounds. But the record playing device known as RokBlok does it differently – it drives around the record while the record itself stays still. The end result is the same – music (or whatever audio is recorded on the vinyl disc).


The RokBlok is basically a block of wood and bamboo that is designed to chase the record groove under its own power. RokBlok has its own speakers built in, but it can also send the music over Bluetooth to your other devices. While having a block of wood spinning around on your favorite vinyl disc would seem like a great way to damage them, the maker Pink Donut assures us this is not the case.

RokBlok has been engineered to prevent damage to your records when in use. We do this by carefully balancing and distributing the weight of the player (3.2 oz) across its scratch-proof rubber wheels and not the needle. This makes it so the needle does not take the brunt of the weight out on your record’s grooves.


RokBlok can play both full size records and 45s, and it can provide music (and entertainment) for up to 4 hours – I would suspect that LPs, running at 33 rpm, would probably have the longer run time.  Recharge only takes a couple hours before you are back up making music and spinning around the vinyl disc.



RokBlok is on Kickstarter, and it has already surpassed its $50,000 goal. The campaign closes on January 24th, so if you want to get on the RokBlok circling bandwagon at a cheaper price than its retail launch you may want to check it out. In the meanwhile, just watch it go, chasing that groove and making music.