And Now, The Macbook Selfie Stick


Macbook owners, you no longer have to be jealous of those uppity smartphone owners with their fancy selfie sticks. Artist Tom Galle, along with a couple artistic cohorts, has created the very exclusive Macbook Selfie Stick. While you may need two hands to handle the weight, you probably have never looked better with a laptop selfie stick.

So, go ahead and hoist that expensive Macbook into the air, and smile. While the world may indeed be smiling, it may not exactly be WITH you. But just think about the statement you are making – all in fun, of course. Unless you really do want want a Macbook selfie stick. In which case, you may have to dream just a bit more – the Macbook Selfie Stick is not really for sale.  But go ahead and work those arm muscles – you are going to need them.


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