Bedfan Creates A Breeze Under The Cover


On a hot night a lot of us relax to a ceiling fan that works to keep us cool.  Unfortunately, air blowing down on a covered body isn't always the best way to keep cool. 

The BedFan strives to improve on that scenario.  The quiet, low voltage fan sits at the foot of your bed and throws a cooling breeze under your covers.  This acts to push the warm air away from your body, exactly what you need when suffering from the night sweats.

Seems like a simple solution to an ongoing problem.  The 7 pound plastic unit only draws 8 watts, so it could possibly save on air conditioning costs a bit, if it is as effective as it sounds.  The bedfan will set you back about $80 to find out, and you can get it at ImprovementsCatalog.  




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