Belkin Flywire is a Wireless 1080p A/V Connection

Belkin Flywire is a Wireless 1080p A/V Connection


The family TV has progressed into a unit that you can just hang on the wall.  Of course, that leaves the question about the cables strung across the wall – how else are you going to get the signal to the display?

You could consider the Flywire from Belkin.  The Flywire is a wireless AV connection for your new and shiny (or old and proven) display that supports up to a 1080p signal.  The signal is uncompressed, which should allow for a very decent latency free display.  All of your sources (game consoles, cable and satellite boxes, Blu-ray players, etc.) plug into the base unit, and you can select via a remote what you want displayed.

The Flywire comes in two versions, a RF controlled version that allows you to store the gear in another room without direct line of sight for $999.99 and an IR controlled version for $699.99. Both products are expected to ship in late October, and you can find out more on Belkin’s Website.

Of course, there is still the problem of getting power to the display, and on that one you are on your own, at least for now.