Dance Your Low Battery Problems Away


So, you like to dance, and you like to listen to your portable music player while you dance.  Well, those two can now share an electrical symbiosis as well.   The Dance Charge by Orange uses kinetic action to trickle charge your devices, thanks to new and more efficient kinetic energy design by GotWind.  The unit straps on your arm, and it uses body motion as its source of energy.  The charger can charge your cell phone and other devices as well.  You can also wear the Dance Charge while doing other activities, such as hiking, and get a charge. The activity charge building effectiveness depends on how much you move while doing it.

Of course, the bad news is that if you run your portable music player completely flat you will have to dance without the music in order to get enough of charge on the player to have something to dance to. What a conundrum.


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