Day4 solar panels increase efficiency by 35 percent while cutting cost 25 percent

Solar cell technology keeps moving forward, and Day4 Energy is the latest to present an improved solar energy solution.  Their design utilizes a unique Day4 electrode that does not block out light like conventional silver contacts.  This gives their cells a 19 percent efficiency versus a typical 14 percent (or in other words, an impressive 35% increase).  The technology also lowers the price per watt from $4 to $3.

Day4 hopes to have the improved technology on the market within 18 months. Hopefully other new power technologies will be in place at the same time, so we may see that 35 percent increase in efficiency with 25 percent price drop coupled with advanced power management that can put the claimed power to maximum benefit.  In other words, solar power could become practical for the average home sooner than later.  And having a green power home would be a very good thing, for both the environment and the pocketbook.