Edible Gold Leaf is Most Expensive Food in the World

Ever wonder what the world's most expensive food is? Gold wrapped  and gold embellished chocolates are pricey, but you don't actually taste the gold.  That pleasure is limited to edible gold leaf, deemed to be the world's most expensive food.  Edible gold leaf weighs in, so to say, at $15,000 per pound.

Some white truffles can go as high as $6,000  a pound, making it second on the list.  And caviar, at a paltry (by comparison only) $1,500 rounds out the list at third place. 

Like other minerals such as calcium and iron, it is safe to eat.  People usually do not buy it by the pound, but by the small shaker of 23k gold sprinkles (80 mg ), which usually costs about $30. The sprinkles are then used to decorate Champagne or special dishes.  This is great news, because I was needing something to dress up the poptarts.  And who said Nerd Beach was not culturally enlightening? 



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