Fifteen Seat Motorcycle Lets You Take Everyone


One of the problems with a motorcycle is that you cannot get more than two on the bike (well, sometimes that is a problem).  With the World’s longest motorcycle that is not a problem, since it has a whopping fifteen seats.  You can take the whole family, the neighbors, their friends, etc.


The mechanics of riding is probably not such an issue, but turning could be a challenge, particularly in a tight parking lot. And speaking of parking, well, it takes planning, no doubt.  But if you want to have a party on two wheels, this might be the handiest way to get that done. 

The only thing I don’t really like about the bike is the color – reminds me too much of a school bus.  But maybe that was the ideal, since in a pinch it could no doubt take the job as one, albeit the coolest school bus I have ever seen.


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