Giant Puppets Roamed Burning Man 2017

Well, this is not something you see every day. At Burning Man 2017 you could find the unexpected – like a Giant Girl String Puppet. (Well, unless you were expecting exactly that, to each their own.) But for those who didn’t know, this massive puppet had to be 25 feet tall, and required a crane to hold it up. Yes, it was THAT big.

Giant Puppet At Burning Man 2017 (Video by Chris Corsello)

Of course, a stately figure of this magnitude require a name, and hers was Euterpe. The giant figure talked to the audience, leading them to a wedding that was taking place at the event. Chris Corsello was there, and captured the event on video for our viewing pleasure. With that said, be sure sure to be nice to Euterpe. After all, she is one puppet that I look up to…


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