Live Luggage PA Series Features Power Assist Traveling


Live Luggage has spent the last five years developing the PA (Power Assisted) series of power assisted suitcases.  The clever handle design distributes the weight over the powered flat wheel technology while maintaining control, allowing handle manipulation to control torque and power assist.  That is, without pressure on the handle the power assist remains dormant. 

The intelligent luggage also incorporates tilt sensors that sense slopes less that 15% or greater than 35% in order to avoid situations where the luggage could accidentally accelerate and get away from you.

The handle easily adjusts to three levels in order to fit travelers of varying heights, and for storage there is an override lock to assure that the luggage stays non-powered during movement or handling.  When not powered the suitcases can be used as standard luggage.

The PA series run on a rechargeable 12V NiMH battery pack, easy to charge before and during your trip.


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