Samsung Releases T-DMB Capable YP-P2 DMB Player


Samsung has released its new T-DMB (Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast) capable media player, the YP-P2 DMB, to the Korea market.  The device is also equipped with Samsung's own mDNIe(mobile Digital Natural Image Engine),  which is designed to give a more vibrant display on a mobile platform.  I have heard good things about Samsung's mobile displays using the engine.

The player is only 11.9 mm thick, and sports a 3 inch 16:9 touchscreen along with Bluetooth 2.0.  The YP-P2 DMB is available in black and white.  The device comes in a choice of 4GB, 8GB and 16 GB, at a suggested retail price of 239,000 KRW ($232), 309,000 KRW ($299) and 389,000 KRW ($376), respectively.

It is doubtful if the player as is will make its way westward due to the lack of support of T-DMB transmissions. However, it does leave the door open for an ATSC or DVB/T version of the player.  The chart below, courtesy of Wikipedia, shows the different Digital Terrestrial Television standards in the world as of this writing.



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