Sleep Better With A Sleep Peanut

Sleep Better With A Sleep Peanut is a company that has been producing various “peanut” devices for different functions, including such things as home temperature monitoring, medication reminders, and anti-theft devices. Their latest peanut, unveiled at CES 2017, is a peanut designed for better sleep. Peanut and App

The device attaches to the top of the mattress and pairs with a readily available smartphone via Bluetooth. The peanut sends data to the smartphone via a downloadable app and records sleep history along with duration and regularity. By analyzing the data collected, patterns might be discovered that could lead to better sleep habits, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

But it has an immediate practical application too. The sleep peanut also functions as a smart alarm clock, using the collected data to slowly wake the user while they are in a light sleep cycle. The device can also wake a user without disturbing their partner.

So, you would like to have better sleep without resorting to taking a pill? Maybe you should consider a peanut instead.




Dream On

Using anti-depressants, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or alcoholic beverages is thought to potentially suppress dreams, whereas melatonin may have the ability to encourage them