Steampunk Theremin Holds True to 1919 Design

Here on the Beach the overall impression of SteamPunk is in the application itself, since we will mix old and new technologies in some very imaginative ways by the sheer technological need (mechanical if not steam). But Steampunk as a movement is gaining steam, so to say, and Lorin Parker presented his Steampunk Theremin to visitors at Maker Faire recently.  The device is built with no solid state components, and is as close to the original Leon Theremin design as possible.  Parker with his Electric Western endeavor, is attempting to "connect futuristic synthesis with the western American past" by using "vacuum tube theremins, steam-powered synthesizers, singing robot heads, spark gaps, telegraphs, and electrosparklaviers".  Overall a very interesting effort, and it is cool to see how well the original design would have worked. 


Aloha from the Beach,



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