The Fuel Cell Backpack Vacuum BakVac


I strap the device on my back, adjusting it to a solid fit.  I check the fuel cell power indicator and it shows good, apparently having an adequate supply of ethanol.  Grabbing the handle and aiming the sleek nozzle downward, I flip the switch on.  The unit comes to life with a gentle rumble on my back and the nozzle hose dances with pressure.  Yes, it is vacuuming time at the Nerd Beach beach house.

Here we have an interesting piece of concept technology that makes good sense, if not quite ready for the open market.  The BakVac utilizes an ethanol powered fuel cell to drive the backpack mounted motor, providing a vacuum unit that has neither cords to trip over nor a heavy canister to drag around. The fuel cell technology is very close to being ready for primetime, and when it does hit we expect not just your home vacuum but other familiar pieces of technology to change for the better.

Aloha from the Beach



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