UseeIsee Video Phone Offers Unlimited Calling to Regular Phones

You see and I see – that seems to be the concept of a video phone, and it is also the sound alike name of the GXV-3000 SIP UseeIsee Picture Fone broadband video phone. The phone comes with an agreement that allows unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles phones for a modest $39.95 flat fee.  There have been other video phones on the market, but not many had the unlimited calling to standard phones through broadband as part of the package deal.

Of course, you have to buy the phone itself, which is $249.95, but that was probably expected. The phone's strength as compared to a Skype enabled PC is that there is no computer required, and it is tremendously easier to use.  You do have to plug it into a broadband connection to use, but any plugin phone requires a hookup of some kind.  And you will not get video if the other side does not have the capability, but you can still talk as part of the same one time fee.

 Mechanically the phone is an advanced IP video phone running on SIP and H.264.  With a 5.6 inch TFT LCD display and built in speakers it should be a pleasant experience to use.  You can find the GXV-3000 SIP phone at UssIsee.



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