Air Piano Lets You Play Music Without Touching

Air PIano

Ask anyone about an instrument that you play without actually touching it, and a lot of people will probably say "theremin".  Well, there is a new instrument that you play the same way, and it is aptly called the Air Piano.

The Air Piano, created by Omer Yosha, is an electronic piano that is played without touching thanks to its infrared sensing technology.  The instrument can detect movement and hand presence, allowing you to play, sustain notes and raise octaves by hand position.  The Air Piano even has MIDI mapping capabilities, allowing  the mapping different instruments and effects with additional gear.



As the video shows, playing the Air Piano is a simple process, and the result is very pleasant. Although I do have to wonder how the average two armed person plays three notes.  The Air piano is still in the prototype stage, but don't be surprised if you see it on the market soon enough.  More information can be found on the Air Piano website.


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