Apple Sues Clone Maker Psystar

Psystar LogoWe have some good news and some bad news for Psystar, the Doral, Fla based maker of Apple clones.

The good news – despite people thinking that the company was a hoax, and a dispute with its credit card processor that raised a few red flags that strengthened that possibility, Psystar has proven that they are legit and have began shipping computers to customers as promised.

The bad new – Apple is suing Psystar for violation of its software's end user licensing agreement (EULA), which prohibits use with non-Apple hardware.  

At least the Apple suit confirms that they are a legitimate computer company.  But if history is any example (remember the Franklin computer back in 83?), Psystar's days as an Apple clone builder is probably numbered.  The suit even asks for computers sold to be recalled, an act that could no doubt cause the fledgling computer maker to close its doors under financial duress.



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