Remote Control Cooler Perfect for the Effort Challenged

It is a hot day on Nerd Beach, and the sun is beating down like a scalding hammer.  The desire for liquid refreshment is overpowering, yet the deck is too hot to touch with merely mortal flesh.  Unwilling to sacrifice the bottom of my bare feet, yet with thirst screaming in my brain, I know something is going to have to happen.  I start to panic, then realize that this is the remote control cooler.  I reach out, grab the remote, and soon refreshment relief is beside me, without succumbing to pain or injury.

If you like something to drink without having to actually go get it then the RC cooler from RC Cooler from Solutions might be perfect for you.  It will set you back about $70, holds a 6 pack of your favorite beverage, and the remote is good for about 30 ft. The range and capacity might work fine if you concentrate your needs on going across the deck or into the next room (where hopefully someone may be kind enough to do a refill). 

Aloha from the Beach,