Secure House for Safety from Zombies or Thieves

Wouldn't it be great to have a house that you know is going to be secure when you leave it? Whether you need to protect it from potential thieves or the coming zombie apocalypse, this is one house that looks to fit the bill.

The house goes from an open and friendly design to complete lockdown thanks to thick walls that close openings and metal shields that move into place. This is one house that becomes its own safe room, and nothing says stay away like a Borg Cube. It could also be very useful around the holidays, when potentially unwelcome guests really can be avoided.



Locking Down

Now Secure

Pictures via geekfill

Safe Room

A safe room or panic room is a fortified room which is installed in a private residence or business to provide a safe shelter, or hiding place, for the inhabitants in the event of a break-in, home invasion, tornado, or other threat. Safe rooms usually contain communications equipment, so that law enforcement authorities can be contacted. A safe haven, by contrast, can be any strong area of a building, such as a stairwell reinforced by the stair structure.



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