Star Wars Tenugui for the discriminating scifi decorator

In an effort to provide a small service to the Star Wars fans out there, we present the following Home and Garden entry. As you many know, Japanese tenugui are often of nature and art, but of Star Wars not so much.  That has changed with these tenugui created by the Japanese dying process called Nasen. 

The hangings come in one of four models, including a picture of R2D2 flying near Mt. Fuji, a strip showing the famous characters, R2D2 and C3PO hanging out under the Sakura tree, and finally a scene showing classic storm troopers on the attack.

The banners measure 13.4" x 35.4" and are made of 100% cotton.  If you really want to cross decorate with the Japanese-Star Wars culture crash you can find the tenugui at Think Geek for $20.  Who knows, maybe soon they will come out with the Ninja light saber and the R2D2 inverted dome head Wok?